Light Sour Cream 18% Fat 200ml
Light Sour Cream 18% Fat 200ml

Light Sour Cream 18% Fat 200ml

Product of Australia 

How to store: Must be stored in the refrigerator immediately

Bulla Light Sour Cream - Made with only the freshest ingredients, Bulla Light Sour Cream has a light, creamy tang that goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes. This award-winning champion cream contains just 18% fat, but maintains all the rich thickness of Bulla Premium Sour Cream. Even though it is a healthier option, Bulla Sour Light Cream has a wonderful creamy texture and taste & retains a consistency suitable for dolloping straight out of the tub onto dishes like baked potatoes, nachos, dips, dressings, creamy sauces and baked goods when a lighter sour cream option is ideal.

Use: Like Bulla Premium Sour Cream it is an ideal dip base yet it is lighter in texture and thickness. It is perfect in making moist & fluffy pastries like cheesecakes & banana bread.

  • Milk Fat: 18%
  • Heating: Can be gently heated.
  • Freezing (the product): Cannot be frozen or thawed.
  • How to store: Must be stored chilled