Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  3L

Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L

Product of Australia


Cobram Estate award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold-pressed from olives grown on the banks of the Murray River, where the Mediterranean climate and fertile red soils guarantee premium quality. Each season, selected olives are harvested and crushed within hours of harvest to produce the freshest & finest EVOO. Their master blender skillfully combines the leading varieties from each estate to create a distinctive EVOO packed with appealing fresh fruity aromas and penetrating flavours.


Cobram Estate Classic Flavour Intensity displays a superb combination of fresh, grassy notes, green bananas and tomatoes, with a stunning finish exhibiting moderate bitterness, pungency, and a creamy aftertaste.

Ideal for: This multi-purpose fruity oil is ideal for enjoying with salads, pasta, vegetables and fish, a very useful all-rounder in the kitchen.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Picual variety of olive originated from Spain, and is the main variety of olive used to make our Cobram Estate Classic Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Renowned for its fruity punchiness and typical aromatic notes of tomato bush, our Picual also gives beautifully clean balance on the palate.


What you get: 1 pc Cobram Estate Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L

How to store: Store in a cool, dark place away from light and heat.