Australian Honey with Honeycomb 240g

Australian Honey with Honeycomb 240g

Product of Australia

A piece of natural honeycomb immersed in pure 100% Australian Honey. Direct from the hive, the beautiful piece of honeycomb provides a deliciously buttery wax adding a whole new dimension to the honey.

You will not get any closer to pure Australian honey than this, from the hive to your home!

  • 100% Australian honey… always
  • Honeycomb straight from the hive


  Honeycomb can be enjoyed very simply by just chewing on a piece to enjoy the raw honey and texture of the beeswax.
- Enjoy as part of a cheese plate with a creamy brie or goats cheese & crusty bread.   The sweetness of honey is the perfect contrast to the saltiness of cheese - elevate your cheese platter to new heights!
- Let a slice melt on top of your pancakes or oatmeal.
- Use as topping for yogurt or ice cream to add a touch of decadence to simple desserts.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Honey, Natural Honeycomb from beeswax.

What you get: 1 pc Beechworth Honey Bee Raw Honey & Honeycomb 240g jar
How to store: Store at room temperature