Ultra Premium Coratina EVOO 500ml

Ultra Premium Coratina EVOO 500ml

Product of Australia 


The Coratina is an Italian olive variety originating in Apulia and now flourishes in Northern Victoria.


Cobram Estate award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold-pressed from olives grown on the banks of the Murray River, where the Mediterranean climate and fertile red soils guarantee premium quality. The 2020 Reserve Coratina was produced using their exclusive ‘Ultra Premium’ technique. Small, select parcels of Coratina olives were picked at optimum ripeness and ultra cold-pressed into oil within 4 hours in the on-site mill. After pressing, the oil was allowed to settle before being tasted by our trained panel and classified as ‘Reserve’ quality – a grade only applied by our oil makers when the oil is truly exceptional.


The unique oil making method showcases the varietal characters of the oil, delivering exceptionally fragrant, complex and flavoursome extra virgin olive oils. The 2020 Reserve Coratina is an aromatic oil displaying fresh and grassy aromas with walnut and pinecone notes. Complex flavours are perfectly balanced with a firm level of bitterness and late pungency.

Ideal for: A multi-purpose oil that could be used in almost every occasion but particularly with pasta dishes to enhance tomato or herb based sauces.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


What you get: 1 pc Cobram Estate Ultra Premium Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL

How to store: Store in a cool, dark place away from light and heat.