Creme Fraiche 35% Fat 200g
Creme Fraiche 35% Fat 200g

Creme Fraiche 35% Fat 200g

Product of Australia

Bulla Crème Fraiche can be considered the most flexible and multipurpose cream available because it can be heated, dolloped or baked. Creme Fraiche has 35% Milk Fat Content.

Bulla Crème Fraiche has a rich, mildly tangy taste with a smooth, velvety texture. Less tart than sour cream and non-curdling, it is perfect for sweet and savory dishes. Creme Fraiche makes a suitable topping for fresh berries and other desserts and can be used in cooking applications replacing standard cream as well as sour cream.

Quick Facts

  • Milk Fat : 35%
  • Perfect for heating and will resist splitting
  • Not suitable for whipping. Will not whip.
  • Freezing (the product): Cannot be frozen for storage
  • How to Store: Must be stored chilled