Mozzarella Scamorza  250g
Mozzarella Scamorza  250g
Mozzarella Scamorza  250g

Mozzarella Scamorza 250g

Product of Australia 

Giorgio Liguanti is an Italian cheesemaker based in Australia producing fresh Italian-style cheeses in Thomastown, Victoria. This award winning cheese range is now exported to over 10 countries worldwide. 

Scamorza is a fresh, semi-soft cow milk cheese belonging to the pasta filata family. It is pear shaped due to a production method called “strangling the cheese”, where the fresh round cheese is hung to dry by means of a string tied a third of the way from the top.

Scamorza is made in the same way as mozzarella but is a drier, firmer cheese. This cheese melts well because is less watery than fresh mozzarella.

Ingredients- Cows Milk, Rennet (Non Animal), Citric Acid, Salt.

Size & Packaging- 250g

Flavour- Mild, milky and clean

Texture- Semi soft

Serving Suggestions- Excellent melting qualities, use it to flavour baking dishes, pasta or pizza