Golden Turmeric Latte 240g
Golden Turmeric Latte 240g

Golden Turmeric Latte 240g

Product of Australia 

Experience true cafe indulgence with Arkadia.

Arkadia Golden Latte has arrived! A perfectly balanced blend of turmeric, spices and organic panela sugar, this golden beauty is fast becoming the preferred choice for people looking for a caffeine-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free vegan friendly morning pick-me-up.

This perfect turmeric blend is ready to serve, just add your preferred hot milk for a delicious & natural Golden Latte. We highly recommend to mix with soy milk for the perfect serve.

Preparation Instructions

  • Turmeric Tea: Place 2-3 teaspoons of Arkadia Golden Latte in a cup (180mL). Just add hot water, stir and enjoy. 
  • Golden Latte:   Place 2-3 teaspoons of Arkadia Golden Latte in a glass (180mL). Just add hot alternative milk of choice, stir and enjoy. Top off with frothed milk.
  • Iced Golden Latte:   Place 5 teaspoons of Arkadia Chai Tea in a long glass. Stir in 250mL cold alternative milk of choice & finish with ice.

What you get: 1 pc Arkadia Golden Latte Turmeric 240g

How to store: Settling of contents may occur. Keep in a cool dry place. Best used within 4 weeks of opening.


IMPORTANT: This product is produced in a facility that also handles milk products and soy products. Therefore you will see the declaration on the label "May contain traces of Milk and Soy". This does not mean that the product contains milk and soy, just that they are also being processed in the same facility. This is important for people who may have allergies to milk and soy. This product is still considered Vegan though. Please contact us if you would like to see the Vegan Certificate. Have a nice day!