Tropical Juice 1L
Tropical Juice 1L

Tropical Juice 1L

Product of Vietnam 

Les Vergers Du Mekong sources the best fruit from local farmers in the Mekong Delta to produce its line of Le Fruit brand juices and nectar. 

  • 100% Freshly Squeezed Fruit (NEVER from concentrate or reconstitution)
  • NO Pesticide residue
  • NO Preservatives added, NO Colorant 
  • NO Added Sugar
  • Prepared with 2.09kg of fresh fruit (with peel) to get 1L of juice
  • Ingredients: Victoria Pineapple (65%), Mango (25%), Acerola Cherry (7%), Passionfruit (3%)

67-samplecert.pngHalal Certified